Privacy Statement

The Warrnambool and District Historical Vehicle Club collects and retains private information from its members to meet its statutory obligations and to achieve the objects for which the club was established. This information is reviewed and if necessary, updated from time to time.

At all times, this private information will be held in a secure manner and it will only be used for the purpose for which it has been collected. The nature of the information retained will relate solely to:

  1. Office bearers and members of the Executive Committee;
  2. Member’s names in full, occupation, postal and telephone contact, electronic mail address;
  3. Financial status of members;
  4. Relevant details of vehicles participating in the VicRoads’ Club Permit Scheme.

The Club provides financial data to its chosen auditor and its governance status to the Australia Securities and Investment Commission as required by statute.

Information with regards to member’s financial status and vehicles participating in the Club Permit Scheme will be forwarded, upon written request only, to VicRoads in accordance with ‘Road Safety (Vehicles) Amendment (Club Permit) Regulations 2010’.

The club gives assurance to all its members that lists of contact details or any other collected information will not be given or sold to commercial organisations. The Executive Committee and the club functionaries will only provide such information to meet its statutory obligations. If other requirements arise, private information will only be released upon receiving written approval from members and then, only if such action promotes the Objects of the Club.